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4th Battalion Mercian Regiment host CACF's Normandy Company


26 July 2019

  • Cheshire ACF

Cadets from the Mercian Regiment affiliated detachments of Normandy Company, (Knutsford, Macclesfield and Wilmslow) were invited to visit B (Malta) Company, 4th battalion Mercian Regiment at their headquarters in Widnes on the 20th July 2019. Some of our Artillery badged cadets of Widnes detachment also joined in on this fantastic opportunity.

On arrival at Ubique Barracks, the cadets were given an outline of the day's activities by the Company Commander, Captain Davies. The Soldiers had set up 7 stands for the cadets to visit in a round-robin

  • Introduction to Mortars and Nav ex plotting mortar strikes
  • Room clearance using airsoft glocks, incorporating a casualty evacuation scenario with a first aid element
  • Explanation and use of the Javelin simulator ( presented by 4th battalion, Duke of Lancs regt)
  • Drill
  • Battalion radio equipment
  • Skill at arms stand including an intro to the SA80 A3, GPMG, and Virtus load-carrying equipment
  • Introduction to a variety of night vision equipment, including a practical exercise using different items.

The stands were scored in a competitive style, and a combined team made up of cadets from all the Detachments won the day and were presented with Mercian regiment challenge coins.

Lunch was provided by the B Company's own Royal Logistics Corps chefs, in the form of a very tasty Barbeque, and there was certainly plenty to go around. some of the cadets even enjoying 2nds and 3rds.

All in all, it was a great experience for the cadets, getting some valuable hands-on time with various items of kit.

Thanks go to all the instructors from B Company, 4th battalion Mercian Regiment, and 4th battalion Duke of Lancasters Regiment, as well as our own instructors.

SSI C Hopkins

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