Jacob Kiernan Certificate

The Master Cadet Diaries

Staff Cadet Jacob Kieran continued to successfully achieve his goals on Monday evening when he was presented with his Master Cadet award and promoted to Sergeant Major in a virtual ceremony to celebrate his achievements.

The Master Cadet Diaries

20 January 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF
  • Jacob Kiernan Full Certificate

    Staff Cadet Sergeant Major Jacob Kiernan with his…

  • Jacob Kiernan and Dad

    The presentation was made at home by Mr Kiernan

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    The event was hosted virtually on zoom

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Staff Cadet Sergeant Major Jacob Kiernan

Jacob, who came to our attention earlier in the year when he became the first ever G&P Staff Cadet, is a true embodiment of the Values and Standards of the ACF. His enthusiasm, determination and resilience are coupled with a sense of empathy that makes him an approachable and supportive role model and leader for the younger cadets in his detachment. Jacob is a key member of Cwrt-y-Gollen, and his support and creativity have certainly helped to inspire junior cadets to keep their training alive during the last 12 months, which has been a challenge for many!

During the event, which was attended by the County Commandant, Colonel Chipp, the adults attending shared their thoughts about Jacob and his time as a cadet. It became clear that he is a very well respected and likeable young man who certainly has the world at his feet. We are certain that his ears must have turned slightly pink at the glowing accolades, but it was wonderful to hear of how far he has come. When Jacob became a Staff Cadet, he spoke of his desire to inspire the Junior Cadets, to show them just what can be achieved and the importance of taking advantage of everything that the ACF offers. Jacob certainly epitomises everything that the ACF seeks to achieve, and the skills that he has learnt we are sure will have a major impact on his future life.

Congratulations Staff Cadet Sergeant Major Jacob Kiernan - we are incredibly proud of you!

A huge thank you to everyone that attended, and in particular to Jacob’s Detachment Commander, SSI David Pope and Company OC, Lt Matt Flynn for organising the event.