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The impossible Dream made possible!

Fail - Learn - Win

The impossible Dream made possible!

25 June 2021

  • Cheshire ACF

I joined Cheshire Army Cadet Force (ACF) in 2013 as a cadet at Abbots Park Detachment at the age of 15. During my time at Abbots Park, I worked my way through the APC syllabus eventually achieving my 2 Star and the rank of Corporal before I aged out at the age of 18.

When I left Cadets, I started studying level 3 in Public Services, which piqued my interest into medical and policing studies. After completing the first year of college, I applied for the Army Reserves as a Combat Medical Technician (CMT) but was unfortunately unsuccessful due to medical reasons. After being unsuccessful as a CMT, I applied to several universities to begin training as a Paramedic, but again did not meet the requirements the universities were looking for. I therefore continued my studies at college progressing on to level 5 in Public Services.

During my time studying at college, I applied with Cheshire Constabulary as a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). After successfully passing the interview and assessment stages, I was offered the role as a PSCO in 2017. After seven weeks initial training at the HQ in Winsford, I was placed at Warrington local policing unit (LPU) covering the beat area of Lymm where I did a further five weeks on the job training. Once I completing all my training, I remained on the beat area of Lymm for approximately 6 months before transferring to Warrington and the busy area of Bewesy, Whitecross and Dallam.

During my time as a PCSO in Warrington I realised that I missed the Army lifestyle and applied to become a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) with Cheshire ACF. After the initial interview, I was accepted as a CFAV and began my training before gaining the rank of Sergeant.

This also made me rethink the career I wanted so much in the Army and therefore I applied once again, this time to join the Royal Military Police (RMP).

As soon as I was accepted, I left the ACF and started my training at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) in Winchester to begin my new career as a Soldier.

After 14 weeks of hard and tiring work, I successfully passed off the parade square at ATR Winchester as a British Army Soldier ready to commence my phase 2 training.

On behalf of the Commandant, Lt Col Andy Webster we would like to congratulate Pte Callum Thomas for demonstrating the courage and determination to succeed which has allowed him following his chosen career path which we know he will be successful.