Cam and sis

The ACF reunited me with my sister!

The ACF reunited me with my sister!

2 December 2021

  • Kent ACF

The Army Cadet Force has been a part of my life for eight years now and has given me incredible laughs and experiences; however, the cadets has also done the unthinkable and re-united me and my sister after me spending most of my life being apart from her!

On a fieldcraft weekend back in 2017 I was completing the nominal roll as we arrived at Mereworth training area, as I called out the names (to check that the cadet was on the parade), when I came across a Cadet Healey, I walked towards the voice that shouted out “yes Sarnt”, looked to the ranks and standing in front of me was a face I hadn’t seen for years, it took us both a moment to register what was going on ,then we embraced and got a good cuddle in before we moved off into the field.

Later that night when the NCO’s were cutting around making sure everyone was okay we managed to speak properly for the first time in what seemed like forever. Now thanks to the Army Cadet Force I can see my sister every Wednesday night and we have reconnected the bridge that was once lost. I know that myself and Lance Corporal Healey are more than grateful to this fantastic organisation.