Promotions No 4 Korea Company

Surprise promotions for two dedicated adult volunteers

Surprise promotions for two dedicated adult volunteers

10 December 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO Greater Manchester ACF

In the Army Cadets training and refresher training is ongoing to ensure all adults are up to date and competent at what everyone is doing.

No 4 (Korea) Company Cadet Force Adult Volunteers had planned evening training at Clifton Detachment. What they weren’t aware of was Major Steve Wright, Company Commander, was going to promote two of his brilliant staff. (All the staff are brilliant of course)

The promotions from SI to SSI were given to SSI Jordan Molyneux and SSI Shaun Schofield. Absolutely well deserved to both.

SSI Molyneux, Clifton Detachment, dedicates his time to two nights per week at his detachment and attends company weekend camps. He also takes a very active role in the County Shooting Team training cadets in competition shooting which involves spending time on camps at different areas in the UK.

SSI Shaun Schofield, Stretford Detachment, parades two nights per week and attends the company weekend camps. In addition to this, SSI Schofield takes the lead in the company for supporting and encouraging cadets in joining the Duke of Edinburgh Award. He also assists with organising and running weekend expedition camps for cadets who have enrolled with the DofE Award, and not just his company but with cadets from across the county.

Congratulations to you both. Your continued hard work has earned you your well deserved promotion.

SSI Jordan Molyneux
SSI Shaun Schofield

Thank you to SSI Adele Waring for the pictures.

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