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Surprise Promotion

Instructor Cameron Robertson-Godfrey surprised with promotion during Mayors visit

Surprise Promotion

6 August 2021

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

There was a further surprise for instructor Cameron Robertson-Godfrey during a visit by Councillor Collette Ryan the Mayor of Conwy and Constable of Conwy Castle.

Cameron thought the brief interruption was just to see what the cadets were doing in their skill at arms lesson however the Commandant Colonel Martin L Craven invited the Mayor to present Cameron with his new rank slide to formally recognise his promotion to Colour Sergeant.

Cameron said “I was totally caught off guard with the promotion and nearly lost for words” adding “it did take a few minutes for my heart rate to recover”.

Col Martin said “congratulations to Colour Sergeant Robertson-Godfrey a well-deserved promotion”

Promotion for Cameron Robertson-Godfrey
Cameron Robertson-Godfrey receives his new rank slide from the Mayor of Conwy