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Summer Camp ‘21 - Zulu Company on Exercise

Yesterday morning saw cadets from Zulu Training Company preparing to ‘deploy on exercise’ deep into the training area for three days and two nights of opportunities to put the skills that they have learnt into practice in safe, controlled scenarios.

Summer Camp ‘21 - Zulu Company on Exercise

19 August 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

In the Field!

They spent the first part of the morning checking their kit and applying their cam cream. It was quite incredible to watch how they painted their own intricate patterns yet all created the same effect! Following a short church service led by Padre Row, it was time for the off!

The cadets worked together to plan their route to the spot that would become their safe haven for the next few days and act as their base - the harbour area. From the moment they left, they were in role, following the directions of their section leaders, supporting each other and working to protect the team from the ‘enemy’, who of course, popped up several times during the journey to challenge and put the cadets’ skills to the test. Adult Instructors shadowed the group continuously, stepping in to guide where needed and using events to develop teaching points to support their further progress.

The probationary instructors (PIs) were still in camp at this point, completing some of the mandatory training required for them to become qualified Adult instructors. However, it wasn’t long before they too were off out into the training area to head towards their own harbour area! On the way, they took part in a short controlled exercise, designed not only to develop their skills but also to allow one of the experienced adults to develop theirs. The M-Qual equips adults to run exercises themselves, and refreshers are regularly required. This exercise was planned and run by one of those adults carrying out their refresher course, and it was assessed by the Training Safety Advisor who had to be satisfied that she was competent to run exercises without supervision.

During the afternoon, the Commandant, Colonel Chipp, came to visit, taking the opportunity to chat with the team organising the camp and visiting the groups out in the training area. He was very impressed by what he saw, and even joined in during debriefs to share his own knowledge and support that continuous development.

The ‘enemy’ were still out and about of course, and popping up in different locations to challenge both the Cadets and the PIs whilst protecting their harbour areas, carrying out different drills and also whilst the sections were out patrolling. Even during the short time they were out yesterday, it was clear to see their confidence growing and the improvements in the way that the teams worked together and supported each other.

Both groups are out for two nights, and will be sleeping under the stars (and a basha of course) in their harbour areas. They have perfect weather for it and we are sure they will have a great few days! We’ll catch up with them again later…

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