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Summer Camp ‘21 - B Company

B Company had an amazing time on their Summer Camp last weekend, when they took over Cwrt-y-Gollen Camp for four days of fun and adventure - oh, and there was even some training thrown in too!

Summer Camp ‘21 - B Company

5 August 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

They were in no doubt that it was fantastic to be back together and training face-to-face. There were Skill at Arms lessons and Weapons Handling Tests on the cards, Command Tasks and Team Building, and sleeping out in tents to keep in with current guidelines. There was also the chance to get out into the training area and set up camp on a fieldcraft exercise, sleeping under bashas in the woods. The Adventure Training package was great fun, with activities including a paintballing challenge - they couldn’t tempt the visitors to have a go though!

Major Danielle Thomas, Officer Commanding for B Company, said: “we had an amazing amount of fun. Each and every experience was faced head on with enthusiasm and excitement. I am extremely proud of them all. It’s great to be back!”

A huge thank you to all of those involved in making it such a success!

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Photographs courtesy of SSI Kerris Drew and SMI Charlene Candler.