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Success for the Military Skills Team!

Hampshire & Isle of Wight's Military Skills team comes top in the ACF Competition

Success for the Military Skills Team!

14 March 2022

  • Hampshire And Isle Of Wight ACF

Over the weekend 11-13 March 2022, over 270 Cadets forming 27 teams from across 11 (Inf) Brigade joined together at Longmoor Training Camp to undertake the first Military Skills competition in two years. These teams competed against one another in a number of stands including Fieldcraft, Communication, First Aid, Navigation, Command Tasks and Shooting.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight gathered six cadets from Gallipoli Company and four cadets from Normandy Company to submit the team of 10 cadets to this competition.

Team Capitan Cdt Sgt Watson from Gallipoli Company and Second in Command, Cdt SSgt Chandler from Normandy Company, supported by 2Lt J Whelan and SI Bolton, led the team through this challenging skills based competition which was designed to test leadership, team cohesion, endurance and military skills and knowledge. The team worked well together for this completion, only forming a few months prior for their training.

Team members were:

Sgt Watson - Gallipoli Company

SSgt Chandler - Normandy Company

Sgt Hammond - Normandy Company

Cpl Hickmott - Gallipoli Company

LCpl Atkins - Gallipoli Company

LCpl Rogerson - Gallipoli Company

LCpl Downer - Gallipoli Company

LCpl Grieve - Gallipoli Company

LCpl Fawcett - Normandy Company

LCpl Chamberlain - Normandy Company.

Section Attack

The whole team performed exceptionally well, gelling quickly as a team. They are an asset to their Companies and the County as a whole.

2Lt J Whelan - Gallipoli Company and Team's Manager

The team managed to score 4th place and came out as the Top ACF team overall. Well done to the team, and to Maj Watson, 2Lt Whelan and SI Bolton for their efforts and success at this competition.

  • Command task 3
  • FA 2
  • Paint Balling 2
  • Shooting
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