St Neots Detachment helps out at Food Festival

Our Cadets in the Community.

St Neots Detachment helps out at Food Festival

16 June 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Cambs ACF continues to show its commitment to good community relations, and ensure our cadets are a welcome and useful presence in our communities. On Sunday 28th May, St Neots Detachment assisted with St Neots Food Festival, located at the rugby club next to their detachment.


The Detachment recuitment stand.

The festival’s organisers had asked the cadets to help with litter picking, and also allowed them to setup a recruitment gazebo – a great opportunity to build relationships and help out the local community.

Cadets patrolled the festival collecting litter, and also helped directing members of the public. Cdt Cpl Alfie Baker assisted a member of the public who needed First Aid. He said: ‘When I was walking about, a member of the public walked up to me saying he needed some help to get his son up. I got the paramedics and bought them to the area to where the man needed help to get up due to a disability. Me and two other Corporals made sure no one was crowding them, while he was being assessed by the paramedics. The man was all ok and went home. I then continued to litter sweep and made sure the area was clean.’


Cdt Cpl Baker (left) with Cdt Cpl Jones.

Sarah Brand, from the Street Food Festival Team, said: ‘Just wanted to say you a massive thank you to you and the cadets for a fantastic job on Sunday! I really appreciated all their hard work, and it was great to see them joining in with some of the activities and enjoying themselves.’

Detachment Commander SSI Dale Irving said: ‘The cadets did a fantastic job, with 15 attending throughout the day. Not only did they do a great job litter picking and recruiting, they also assisted with a first aid incident. It was great to receive such good feedback from the event organisers. I would also like to thank SSI Stag for help on the day.’

Events like the St Neots Food festival are important to us because the best advert for our organisation is our cadets themselves: their enthusiasm, skills and desire to help others. This was the first time this detachment had a presence at this event, and important relationships were built, potential new recruits reached, and our great organisation was promoted at every opportunity.

Text by SSI Dale Irving and SI Doug Stuart. Pictures by SSI Dale Irving.