Special Visitor to Wrexham Detachment during Children’s…

Special Visitor to Wrexham Detachment during Children’s Mental Health Week

5 February 2021

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

Wrexham Detachment has welcomed another virtual visitor to one of their regular zoom parade nights.

Cadets and adults from Wrexham, and neighbouring detachments, were delighted to welcome former Colour Sergeant Brian Wood MC (Military Cross) is a former soldier in the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment who was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in the Battle of Danny Boy in Iraq.

After the army Brian has been helping people to deal with, Mindset in the face of adversity, Decision making in extreme situations, Resilience and Courage all very relevant in these challenging times. Brian’s military experience has equipped him to deliver highly inspirational and compelling sessions, sharing his experiences from the battlefield and suggesting ways that the lessons he has learnt can be applied in the everyday world.

Wrexham Instructor Michael Atherton reported “we welcomed a very well known guest, Mr Brian Wood MC. He gave the Cadets an honest and frank account of his time in the Army and the actions that led to his being awarded the Military Cross. Brian talked openly about his struggle with mental ill-health and the strategies he employed to overcome accusations of War Crimes. It was particularly relevant as the virtual visit fell within Children’s Mental Health Week. We thank Brian for his visit, which was inspiring and motivating, especially his praise of the ACF for their commitment to offering Cadets the same values and standards he holds sacred.”