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South West Regional Athletics, 29th May 2022

Fighting it out on the track

South West Regional Athletics, 29th May 2022

1 June 2022

  • Somerset ACF

Words by Maj Dennis Hull, HQSW Sports Advisor, pictures by WO2 (SMI) Peter Russell, County Media Officer

Sunday 29th May saw the restart of South West Regional Athletics, with four counties battling for the Wessex Trophy after a lapse of two years due to Covid. There were cadet athletes from the City & County of Bristol ACF, Gloucestershire ACF, Somerset ACF and one cadet from Dorset ACF competing at The Prince of Wales Stadium, Cheltenham. It was good weather for athletics; not too hot with some light drizzle, but that certainly didn’t dampen the Cadet Spirit.

The day went well with some great records being set for track and field with a total of 55 cadets taking part and 18 adults supporting and helping to run the events. The overall winners were Gloucester with 115 points who have taken the Wessex Athletics Trophy for the first time. In a strong second place was Somerset with 91.5 points, while Bristol ACF were in third place with 69.5 points

Col Robbie Guest, Colonel Cadets SW - a former Commandant Somerset Army Cadets - presented the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals before everyone departed for the long trek home.

From the results the South West Team has been selected to take to the Nationals. Finally Gloucester ACF and 2Lt Shelley Dobson-Stevens must be thanked for hosting this years event at an amazing stadium.

Cpl Megan Adams, Nailsea Platoon, LCpl Callum Alwa, Uphill Platoon, CSM Max Aston, Uphill Platoon, Cdt Deacon Ballantyne, Clevedon Platoon, LCpl Kamron Changizi, Clevedon Platoon, LCpl Elijah Fisher, Clevedon Platoon, LCpl Sophie Hashem, Uphill Platoon, Cdt Harley Legg, Clevedon Platoon, Cdt Alice Mu, Uphill Platoon and Cdt Lorraine Richards, Clevedon Platoon represented Somerset ACF, ably supported by Lt Will Fisher, SSI Libby Bunker and SI Sam Underwood.

Many congratulations to CSM Max Aston, LCpl Sophie Hashem, Cdt Alice Mu and LCpl Callum Alwa who were selected to represent the South West in the National Athletics , as well as all the other cadets who gave up their Sunday to compete.

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