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Somerset Cadets Get Back Out In The Field. 25th May 2021.

Parade Night Fieldcraft Training

Somerset Cadets Get Back Out In The Field. 25th May 2021.

26 May 2021

  • Somerset ACF

Words & pictures by WO2 (SMI) Peter Russell/County PR Officer

Once again cadets and CFAVs from Wells Platoon, Normandy Company, took part in Fieldcraft and First Aid training on Yoxter Training Area for their evening ‘parade’, away from classroom restrictions last night.

The core values of Army Cadets came to the fore, with increasing numbers of new recruits all showing up, eager to get out into the great outdoors whatever the elements had to throw at them.

Whilst it was only a normal weekday parade night’s two and a half hour training session, the evening’s training was really brilliant, allowing the older cadets to brush up and refine their dormant teaching skills on younger cadets champing at the bit to learn new skills, as well as allowing many of them to take part in a couple of planned photo-shoots - something that almost all cadets relish!

Sadly the platoon also had to bid farewell to LCpl Tami Parker who had reached the venerable age of 18. Luckily though she is so enthusiastic that she is already signing up to return as a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer, demonstrating just how valuable Army Cadets is to today’s youngsters.

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