Some of our CFAV's took part in the PARA 10 run earlier…

After signing up to the Para10 in 2019 persuaded by SI Essl the time was here on Saturday 2nd October 2021.

Some of our CFAV's took part in the PARA 10 run earlier this month...... Hear from SMI Galley the A Company training officer on her experience

18 October 2021

  • Essex ACF
Sophie Galley

Arriving at Abbey Fields, early as I always am the nerves kicked in. Richard (SI Esel) wasn’t arriving for another hour, I walked over to register and was met by the familiar face of Captain J Prior and a few of Colchester cadets.

Received my rave number I decided I would muck in and help with the registrations to keep my mind occupied.

1030 got nearer soon it was time for the group brief lead by a PTI from 16 Air Assault Brigade. The brief felt like a set of orders showing everyone the route with water stations, river crossings and trench run! Warm up was then carried out in the military fashion with numbers for exercises and by 1100 we were off.......

The dogs making so much noise with excitement as owners were pulled from the start line.

The run was tough even more so as I got out of the river, I had cramp in my legs, by mile 7 I was feeling the burn, but I again saw some familiar faces. SSI Hetzel, as well as other adults from D Company along with cadets clapping and cheering everyone on.

Finally the end was in sight and I was back on the finishing straight.

Met at the end by D company cadets and instructors and given a medal by a veteran from the parachute regiment. He shock my hand and we had some small talk before the rain came down. Straight back to the car to warm up change and call my partner and let him know I was on way home for lunch. It was a great event made all the more special by the cadets who where helping run it.