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Silver DofE Expedition Venture!

Silver DofE Expedition Venture!

30 August 2021

  • 2nd Northern Ireland Battalion ACF


Congratulations to Cadet Corporal Katie Cassells of Lurgan Open Detachment, Cadet Lance Corporal Matthew Crothers of Grosvenor and Cadet Amy Glass of Richhill Detachment who have completed and achieved their DofE Bronze Award.

During lockdown and the stand down of face-to-face training, the cadets remained committed to their DofE and worked on each section to complete them.

Katie, Matthew and Amy were delighted to be presented with their certificate and badge by the Cadet Commandant, Colonel Anderson who congratulated the cadets on their hard work and determination on completing their award.

Huge congratulations 👏🏼☘️

  • 6811194 A B71 B 438 A A760 7 F3 BC7907 F1 A
  • 6 ACAA8 AB 4 BA3 48 FB A51 F 75 A4 B09 A39 EF
  • 4317 F721 133 D 4 F97 AE54 3 FCFCAD6 FB9 D
  • 5 A08777 D E97 C 43 E4 BE59 34 C1657 FE03 E
  • 1 ACF5 C1 E 7518 4085 9 AC9 0 FF5 E511 E4 D3
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