SI Lambert’s First Aid Actions

SI Lambert’s First Aid Actions

10 October 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force places great emphasis on the importance of helping others, whilst also helping equip our members with the values, skills and confidence needed to make a difference. Burwell instructor SI Paul Lambert has drawn upon his considerable experience from the Army, ACF and as a Prison Officer to assist others in several different emergency situations.

6 D2 A9858

SI Paul Lambert.

In 2021, Paul heard a car crash outside his workplace in Shelford and went straight to the aid of the two drivers who had collided. One of the drivers was uninjured, and Paul had to act assertively to move her out of the way, as she was angry with the other driver. Once this was done, he was able to attend to the second driver whose car had been struck at the side, injuring him and trapping him inside the vehicle. Paul called an ambulance and held the man’s head to comfort him, reassuring him all the time that help was on its way.

6 D2 A0066

Paul (middle) on parade at Burwell.

This summer, Paul was again able to make a difference. Whilst sitting in his van in Sawston, he was approached by a friend and asked for help. His friend’s father lived nearby and had suffered a collapse from a suspected stroke. Paul immediately went to the aid of his friend’s dad, helping to carry him into the living room where he made him comfortable, elevated his legs and called an ambulance. Paul offered continual reassurance until the ambulance arrived. The man’s son later contacted Paul at work to say: ‘We really appreciate your help, goodness knows what we would have done without you, we can’t thank you enough.’ His father has since made a good recovery.

Paul has a long history of uniformed service, starting as a young Air Cadet. He enlisted in the Queen’s Regiment in 1989, and then went on to serve with The Royal Anglian Regiment, before leaving the Army and serving for a time as a Prison Officer. He looks back very positively on his Army career, saying: ‘I loved being in the Army. I found it a comfortable environment, I found friendship and loyalty - it was a big family.’ Having moved to Cambridgeshire ten years ago, he joined Cambs ACF. He said: ‘When you reach a certain age you want to give back.’ He was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant Instructor, and became Detachment Commander of Soham, and Assistant County Shooting Officer for a short time. He then had a six-year break before rejoining us earlier in the year, the break requiring him to restart as a Probationary Instructor, before becoming a Sergeant at this year's Annual Camp.

3 E7 A6401

Receiving his Sgt stripes at Annual Camp 2023.

He said: ‘My experience has taught me to think on my feet, to act quickly, to walk towards a difficult situation, not walk away from it.’ Having joined Burwell Detachment a few months ago, he is really enjoying being back with the ACF. ‘I particularly enjoy Navigation, I love maps. I also loved being on Annual Camp – I’m enjoying it all.’

6 D2 A9863

Paul gives instructions during a drill lesson.

Major John Kell MBE, Officer Commanding 3 Coy, said: ‘Having served with Sgt Lambert during his initial time with 3 Coy, I was pleased to see him re-apply recently to join the Army Cadets and in particular returning to 3 Company, knowing the type of hard working and engaging person he is. During annual camp he pushed himself to deliver the cadet experience, taking a key role in the field exercise as part of the enemy contingent. The fact that he extends his outreach and support beyond cadets, to aid the community, is a credit to him, and provides a valuable asset to the ACF.’

Text and photos by SI Doug Stuart