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Shetland Cadets Take Part In Summer Training

Army Cadets from our Orkney & Shetland Battery spent part of their Summer Holidays progressing with their cadet training on the Isles. The cadets from 'Shetland Troop' spent nine days last month at Fort Charlotte taking part in a mixture of training on the Cadet’s Syllabus and Adventure Training.

Shetland Cadets Take Part In Summer Training

30 July 2021

  • 1st Battalion The Highlanders ACF

In more normal times the cadets would have spent two weeks on the UK Mainland, based at an Army Training Camp somewhere in the country, alongside their friends from across the Battalion progressing with their cadet training and also taking part in fun activities. Unfortunately due to COVID guidelines at the time for planning a 2021 camp it was not possible. To provide cadets some a sense of enjoyment staff across the Battalion had organised local training camps for their cadets to take part in for the holidays, all complying with Army Cadet COVID protocols and local guidelines.

Twelve cadets from the Battery’s Brae and Lerwick Detachments took part in the training, that started on 10 July, the first two days concentrated revision on some of the skills that for the past year cadets across the country have been unable to stay refreshed on, due Detachments being closed, such as Drill, Navigation and Skill at Arms – all of which the cadets were planning to be tested later in the week. Over the 9-days the weather was kind to the cadets which saw them do training outdoors, such as Navigation and Shelter Building.

On the Wednesday the cadets took part in a half-days’ worth of Adventure Training which saw Major Andy Barton (58), the Battalion’s Medical Support Officer, take the cadets trail biking with the Battalion’s new Mountain Bikes around Staney Hill.

Throughout the 9 days all of the cadets achieved something, from passing a section on their cadet syllabus to fulling completing a star level. On the final day several presentations were made to the cadets. Cadets Stephen Laurenson (12), Jimmy White (13) and Tiernan Mayhew (17) all completed their Basic Training. Cadets Danni Crehan (15) and Ross Peebles (14) both completing their 1 Star, as well as both receiving their promotion to Lance Bombardier. Additionally LBdr Crehan, LBdr Peebles along with LBdr Naomi Robertson (17) and LBdr Kyran Wishart (15) were presented with their St John’s Ambulance Youth First Aid badges, which is completed as part of their 2 Star First Aid Training. The final presentations made were to Cdt Laurenson who was named ‘Most Improved Cadet’ and Cdt Anna McDowall who (16) was named ‘Best Cadet’.

Lt Cheryl Haynes, Orkney & Shetland Battery Training Officer said; “It’s been a long and difficult 9 days both for the adult instructors and cadets who can be extremely proud of what they’ve achieved. The cadets went about their training with great enthusiasm and always with a smile on their face. It was very satisfying to get back training again and see the young folk in uniform and working as a team”.

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