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"Sharing my experience on the Master Cadet Course"

By Cadet RSM Sculthorpe

"Sharing my experience on the Master Cadet Course"

1 June 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By Cadet RSM Amelia Sculthorpe, No 5 (Anzio) Company

I am writing to share my experience of my time on the Master Cadet Course. I am happy to report that it was an incredible and memorable experience for me.

Master Cadet was a week-long course down at the Cadet Training Centre, Frimley Park in Surrey. The course was an assessment on many things such as leadership, teamwork skills, likeability, confidence and much more and you were assessed from the moment you arrived till the day you left.

Something I enjoyed about the Master Cadet Course was that I got the chance to do things that I wouldn't normally do. I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things, which was a great feeling. We did a variety of activities, including an assault course, a log run, section attacks, setting up observation posts, 3 nights in the field, casualty evacuation, etc, which were all challenging but incredibly rewarding.

The course was both fun and memorable. I met a lot of new people and made some great friends. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and supportive, and they helped me to develop my leadership and teamwork skills. The course has also given me the confidence to return back to my county as the Cadet RSM and deliver enjoyable activities and lessons for the cadets.

I was also honoured to be the cadet which took the final parade for the whole course, which was a great experience. It was an incredible feeling to be given such an important role and felt like I’d really accomplished something.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Master Cadet course to anyone who is eligible and ready to put out their cadet knowledge to the test. It was an amazing experience, and I feel like I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of.

Click the link below to see pictures from the Master Cadet Course.

"Sharing my experience on the Master Cadet Course" | Army Cadets UK

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