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SE Regional Swimming Results

SE Regional Swimming Results

7 November 2023

  • Kent ACF

9 Kent ACF cadets attended SE Regional swimming competitions on Saturday 4th November at ATR in Winchester.The competition was fierce and all cadets performed extremely well.

Special mentions to Cdt Pass and LCpl Budha Magar who won all their races.

All cadets should be proud of their achievement this weekend and will receive county colours.

LCpl Budha Magar - Canterbury

LCpl McBurney - Canterbury

Cdt Rutter - Sittingbourne

Cdt Hatter - Monktons

Cdt Pass - Strood

Cdt Corjescu - Rochester

LCpl King - Woodlands

Cdt Skues - Woodlands

Cdt Jürs - Gillingham

Cdt Record - Strood

Congratulations to all that took home medals:


Pass - 1st McBurney - 3rd Jürs - 2nd


Skues - 3rd

Corjescu - 3rd

Rutter - 1st

Record - 3rd


Skues - 2nd

Budha Magar - 1st

Record -3rd


Pass - 1st

Corjescu -1st

Rutter - 2nd

Jürs - 2nd

Record - 3rd

Individual medley

Pass - 1st

Corjescu - 2nd

McBurney - 1st

Jürs - 2nd

Congratulations to those that took part in their relays and won: Hatter, Jürs, Corjescu, Pass, McBurney, Rutter, Budha Magar.

Bring on Nationals!