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SCQF Level 6 SQA Award

SCQF Level 6 SQA Award for SI Dick

SCQF Level 6 SQA Award

1 March 2022

  • 2nd Battalion The Highlanders ACF

SI Catherine Dick of Aberdeen (RAMC) Detachment has now been presented with her SCQF Level 6 SQA qualification for “Planning and Delivering Training Sessions to Groups”, which she recently achieved during her AIC (Advanced Instructor Course) in order to progress from Probationary Instructor to Sergeant Instructor. Well done!Both cadets and adult instructors can gain recognised qualifications through the Army Cadet Force, including CVQO, SQA and ILM certification depending on activity. All of this is deserved recognition for the time and effort they put in towards their own development that in turn is used to train and develop others.