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Sam Warburton’s #WelshWarriors

Army Cadets from across Wales have been kept busy and on their toes training for a virtual physical challenge endorsed by Sam Warburton.

Sam Warburton’s #WelshWarriors

17 June 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

Sam, the successful Wales and British Lions captain, provided access to training programmes developed by his gym, SW7, to help keep cadets physically active during and after the recent lockdown, and just in general to encourage all Welsh cadets to be just a bit more active! The challenge was masterminded and sponsored by the Honorary Colonel Cadets, Wales, Col Alan Peterson OBE, and involved a six minute set of exercises including press ups, sit ups, star jumps and a beep test. All challenges were set against the clock to give the youngsters something to aim towards and targets to improve on. There were four participation categories: under 15’s Male and Female and over 15’s Male and Female.

During April, the cadets worked individually to improve their scores, keeping records of training and video evidence of their progress. This was then submitted to their own Commandant for the County winners and All Wales Finalists to be selected. On Saturday 12th June, under the watchful eye of local and national adjudicators, members of Clwyd and Gwynedd, Gwent and Powys and Dyfed and Glamorgan Army Cadets completed the virtual challenge via zoom.And what a challenge it was! We are very proud to announce that cadets from Gwent & Powys won the top spot in three out of the four categories - what an incredible achievement!

Congratulations to:

Cadet Ffion Jones-Morris - Under 15s Female Champion

Cadet Louis Miles-Owen - Under 15s Male Champion

CSM Sally Murton-Davies - Over 15s Female Champion

Cadet Molly Dibble - Over 15s 2nd Runner Up

The full list of winners are in the photographs.

Honorary Colonel for Wales, Alan Peterson, who kindly sponsored the competition, said: “I enjoyed seeing the determination and effort from our Cadets, coupled to the support from the parents - very inspirational. The prime mover for me was to come up with a challenge to help break, in some small way, the whole Covid-19 impact. In my opinion, our young people have had the worst thrown at them - disruptive schooling, missing friends, sometimes difficult times at home with parents under all sorts of pressure, not being able to enjoy great teenage fun etc. My continued proximity to NSPCC and ChildLine provides me with proof: fortunately Sam understood completely, which is why he was so keen to help. Giving the financial support with decent prizes was important, as money is short in many families”

We would like to offer a massive congratulations to all of the cadets from across Wales who took part at whatever level - a fantastic achievement for all involved! Also, a huge thank you to the adults and families who supported, and to those who gave their time to set up and arrange the event.

“We are indebted to Col Alan and Sam for their support to this important initiative. It was an added incentive as we slowly return to face to face training and it was a delight to see participants from across all three Welsh counties. I would also like to thank the families and county staff who supported the competition and on the day made it happen.”

Colonel Cadets Wales, Col LT Williams
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