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Roles in the ACF

Focus on the Cadet Support Officer (Training).

Roles in the ACF

25 November 2022

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Roles in the ACF

Continuing our short series on different roles within the ACF this time we look at a member of the Reserve Forces and Association (RFCA) Professional Support Staff (PSS) the Cadet Support Officer (Training).

The role is diverse and wide-ranging; the main role is to support the Cadet Executive Officer and the Commandant in the provision, coordination, and delivery of training administrative support, part of which entails working closely with the Training Officer, Defence Estates, Cadet Training Centre, Cadet Training Team (CTT), CCAT and RPOC, additionally in this day to day role, he will assist, direct or advise adults on a wide range of ACF/military-related matters.

The CSO (T) liaises and corresponds with external organisations and agencies both military and civilian to ensure that training, community, and armed forces engagement opportunities are maximised, on occasion he will work closely with or support the PRO. He manages the Non-Public Funds for the Eastern Detachments, ensuring monies received are banked and accounted for and when requested pays suppliers.

In addition, the CSO (T) is the initial RFCA point of contact for Alternative Venue Bookings in North Wales; this is a regionally generated income initiative, which sees RFCA assets being offered up for hire, with some of the revenue being returned back to the county. Other responsibilities include line and office management as well as providing any other general support to affect RFCA and ACF deliverables.

Current incumbent Vic Hughes started his role as the Cadet Support Officer (Training) and as a member of the C&G ACF PSS team in Jan 2020 following a lengthy military career and a period of time working in the Commercial and Humanitarian Aid sector overseas.

Since coming into the RFCA and C&G ACF, Vic has been impressed by the commitment and passion of the adult volunteers and PSS, who together deliver an interesting, relevant, safe, and effective cadet experience. He is cognisant that at times, there have been differences of opinions and expectations between adults, PSS, and CTT on the delivery of training but in the main believes the triumvirate works effectively together for the benefit and wellbeing of the cadets.

Vic says the most rewarding aspect of his job, is being part of a large inclusive organisation, that inspires, challenges, and develops its young people and adults regardless of gender, ability, or background, affording them opportunities, they may never have had otherwise and one which bases its principals and model on that of the army. The icing on the cake has been the opportunity to tap into his former regiment (Royal Welsh) and his wider army connections for resources and facilities which have helped adults’ in some cases enhance the overall delivery of the cadet experience.

Vic Hughes

Captain Vic Hughes CSO(T)