Return To Training


Return To Training

12 June 2021

  • Nottinghamshire ACF

Our Detachments are slowly and cautiously Re-Opening after a long time away from any face to face training, all the staff are still working extremely hard in making sure all guidlines are being followed.

Colour Hammett allowed us to visit his detachment at West Bridgford, part of A (The Rifles) Company, on their first night back, Tuesday 8th June. The first parade was held outside and followed by a quick brief on the detachment rules and the routes around the building.

The Cadets were taken outside, to the rear of the detachment, again COVID guidelines were followed, they were warmed up and hydrated to get back into APC PT, a gentle start in the return to training, the Cadets were excited to be able to get back to the detachment and restart their Cadet Career.
As more and more of the Counties Detachments are opening the slow recovery as begun with a long list of potential new recruits applying to join Cadets and even new volunteers, the County can look forward to a new fresh, rewarding start to face to face training.

Colour Hammett and 2 of the Cadets were happy to give a quick short interview.


  • MG 0893

    First parade

  • MG 0900


  • MG 0901

    Sit ups

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Colour Hammett said he was happy to be back and do some work