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Return to Training & Annual Camp

Return to Training & Annual Camp

4 May 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SSI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO

Return to Detachment Training

Greater Manchester ACF has been busy over the last few weekends conducting a series of Return to Training tuition days for Cadet Force Adult Volunteers from each Company. The training has incorporated the aspects of documentation and governance that will be required to allow a move to level 3 training at local level. Col Catherine Harrison, Commandant, said “I am really excited to be moving further to reopening our detachments and getting our cadets back. Our adult volunteers and permanent staff have been working really hard over the last few months to get all the detachments ready to open. Everything will soon be in place to open our doors again.”

Look out for the dates for the opening of our cadet units as I am sure this will be happening within the next few weeks.

Annual Camp

Annual Camp dates for cadets has been set. Work on this has been taking place over the last few months thanks to the hard work of Major Glen Yarr, Cadet Training Major, and some of the permanent staff based at Holcombe Moor Training Centre. Annual Camp will be a little shorter this year. The fun continues to be a high priority. More on this to follow.

The cost of annual camp will be £25 and the dates for each company will be as follows:

No 1 (Minden) Company - 14 - 17 August 21

No 2 (Kohima) Company - 16 - 19 August 21

No 3 (Somme) Company - 18 - 21 August 21

No 4 (Korea) Company - 20 - 23 August 21

No 5 (Anzio) Company - 22 - 25 August 21

Places are limited therefore please contact your Detachment staff via your Detachment Facebook Group to secure a place.

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