Return to Training

Today saw some of our newest adults take their first adventures into our Headquarters at Cwrt-y-Gollen Training Camp with the start of face-to-face training on the road to a full return to training for all.

Return to Training

2 April 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

We're Back!

With face-to-face training having been suspended for such a period of time due to the government restrictions, we recognise the importance of ensuring that our Adult Instructors are fully up-to-date and current with all of their training so that when we fling open those detachment doors, they are ready to hit the ground running with a wealth of exciting and challenging activities to offer our Cadets the best that we possibly can.So, today, out in the glorious Welsh sunshine, was the start of our Adult Easter Camp, beginning with a day of Navigation Training. With pacing, hand railing and grid references all on the cards, our Probationary Instructors, those undergoing the first steps of their training, have been completing elements of their BIC and IIC (Basic and Intermediate) courses by completing the Basic and 1 Star Navigation package.The glorious backdrop of the Welsh hills gave the perfect surroundings for the day, and they certainly got a lot out of it - all whilst following the appropriate restrictions and guidance of course. In fact, one new adult volunteer, PI Dan Dennis, said, “it was the best day so far in cadets!”Well, we are certain that there will be plenty more of those to come!Well done to all of those who took part and for leading the way on our return - Easter Camp has got off to a great start. And for our new PI’s - welcome to the G&P family!If you have a little time to spare and would like to find out more about how to get involved, why not get in touch? You never know - we could be just what you’re looking for!