Cadet RSM Holloway

Remembrance 2021 by Cadet RSM Tyler Holloway

Remembrance 2021 by Cadet RSM Tyler Holloway

16 November 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By Cadet RSM Tyler Holloway

Remembrance Day is an important day to all of us at Greater Manchester ACF. I had the privilege as the cadet RSM to do my last remembrance parade and poppy selling with my detachment. Even though we unfortunately missed last years parade for remembrance as nobody was parading, it was so good to be back.

My experience was very good. Me and my detachment did poppy selling and remembrance parade in Droylsden, and they were all amazing and they should be proud of themselves, as should all cadets. From new cadets starting after lockdown, to old cadets who stuck all the way through, cadets all over Greater Manchester took part in parades through out. It’s such a good experience and something that everyone should be proud of themselves for doing.

Lest we Forget, Cadet RSM Holloway

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