Recruiting NOW!

The 2 winning videos created by the cadets from last years challenge and the winning cadet designed poster.

Recruiting NOW!

17 February 2021

  • Nottinghamshire ACF

What year NOTTINGHAMSHIRE ACF has had with this Lockdown nearly a full year long time flies. As a County there still has been lots going on, early on in the year there was a fitness challenge, form SGT Boyd from A company, the RSM's kick challenge, and also the recruiting videos. There should have been 1 winner from the cadets themselves however there was in fact 2 videos they became joint winners.

So the beginning of the New Year our Cadet RSM had set D Squadron a task, the cadets had to come up with a recruitment poster. The winning cadet came from Newark Detachment.

With all that has being going on the County as also said farewell to County HQ staff and within the same breath welcomed new members, that being the new AT officer and a new deputy non military training officer. The County staff have been working hard to prepare for eventual returning to face to face training in detachments, there is also been a switch to the location for this years ANNUAL CAMP, at sunny Beckingham, those you have been there many times before knows that it can be a very hot camp in summer, there will be plenty planned as the time gets nearer. WATCH THIS SPACE.

'A' Company winning video

'C' Battery winning video