Radio course success for the county

New Signallers to enable higher frequency of cadet training

Radio course success for the county

21 April 2021

  • Derbyshire ACF

Over the course of 4 weeks on Zoom, 7 Adult Volunteers received training from County Signals Officer, Major Adrian Dobb. Lessons included the history of military communications, technical specifications of two radio systems, voice procedure & an introduction to Cyber.

A final face-to-face training day at Sinfin Army Reserve Centre gave everyone an opportunity to practice with the Personal Role Radio & the PRC710 radio equipment. The day finished with the students completing comprehensive online assessments.

Major Dobb, said "Communications and Information Systems (CIS) training gives the cadets a fantastic insight into the world of signals and cyber as well as enhancing fieldcraft exercises. I'm delighted to be able to train up a new batch of adult instructors to deliver CIS courses. Their enthusiasm for the subject has been inspiring."

The newly qualified CIS Instructors can now teach Basic to 2 Star syllabus lessons. They can also train other CFAVs in the safe use of radios, to enable supervision of cadets issued with the equipment.

Congratulations to AUO Ethan Buck, SSI Julie Smith, SSI Nick Wooliscroft, SI Alicia Harris, SI Karen Bulloch, SI Fern Denner & SI Paul Turner.

Are you a cadet interested in CIS opportunities? Find details of courses on the Cadet Portal that include ones in your Company & week-long residential courses at the headquarters of Cadet Signals in Blandford, Dorset.

Article by Lt P Thomas, D Company PRO / Ticknall Detachment Commander