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Public-spirited Cadet wins Praiseworthy First Aid Award

There was celebration in B Company's Castleford Detrecently when Cadet LCpl Curtis Greenwood was awarded with a Praiseworthy First Aid certificate. The certificate was presented by the Commandant, Colonel Owen, with LCpl Greenwood's parents, Detachment Commander and fellow cadets in attendance.

Public-spirited Cadet wins Praiseworthy First Aid Award

14 March 2022

  • Yorkshire (North And West) ACF

In November last year, an elderly woman collapsed outside a supermarket in Pontefract. When bystanders called out for help, LCpl Greenwood jumped into action, along with a member of the public.

Working together, they assessed the situation, realised the lady had suffered from a seizure and cuts to the face, so called for an ambulance. They then started providing the appropriate first aid. They reassured the casualty, tried to maintain her consciousness levels, wrapped her in their coats to keep her warm and got her contact details. While providing treatment, she appeared to have another seizure, so they made sure she was safe, and then put her in the recovery position.

Before the paramedics arrived, the patient finally regained full consciousness and this allowed them to get more vital information, such as her previous medical history. Once the paramedics arrived, Cadet LCpl Greenwood and Mr Wong (the member of the public) passed on all the information they had, and detailed all of the actions we had taken. Before leaving in the ambulance, the casualty said she couldn’t thank them enough for providing first aid to ensure that she would be ok.

We might never have known about the young, self-effacing cadet's actions if it hadn't been for an email sent by Mr Wong to County Headquarters!

He explained that he was so impressed by Cadet LCpl Greenwood's actions that he felt compelled to write in to congratulate him.

He said:"Instead of walking by and ignoring the situation (as many other members of the public had done), Curtis stopped and offered assistance. He announced he had learnt first aid with the ACF and offered to help. Together, we put the casualty into a ¾ prone and stabilized the casualty as much as we could whilst waiting for the ambulance – approx. 40min. During this time, Curtis used his initiative and recognized that the casualty was exposed to the elements and offered a jacket from his daysack, as well as his daysack (to support the casualty’s head). Only after the casualty was handed over to the paramedics did he and his friends leave the scene."

He added:
"I have no doubt in my mind that your organization has contributed into giving him the confidence and knowledge to ‘step up’ and his actions would have helped prevented any further injuries. Please pass on a ‘well done’ from me."

LCpl Greenwood's actions typify the pro-active, 'can do' attitude we develop in our young members, and we are delighted that his actions were also recognised at a national level through the award of the Praiseworthy First Aid certificate. Well done!

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