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Prompt Interventions by 2Lt Whitcombe saves someones life

Prompt Interventions by 2Lt Whitcombe saves someones life

29 May 2021

  • 2nd Northern Ireland Battalion ACF

We have a hero in our midst‼️

Never underestimate the power of the First Aid Training you receive in the ACF.

On Thursday 27th May 2Lt Paul Whitcombe of Peninsula Detachment, G Company carried out an act of praiseworthy first aid. While at work, Paul received a shout for assistance from one of his colleagues, who quickly ran to his aid. Upon finding him, his colleague was lying on the floor unconscious. He was not breathing and there was pulse.

Immediately Paul’s instincts and his First Aid training he received within the ACF kicked in and he promptly performed solo CPR, with the use of a nearby defibrillator. Paul succeed in restoring his colleagues regular heart rhythm subsequently saving his life.

Paul has been commended by the hospital with the medical and nursing staff stating that without the intervention of Paul’s timely first aid actions, the man undoubtedly would not have survived the significant heart attack.

It goes without saying that we are all extremely proud of you Paul - you are a true hero 👏🏼