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Presentation of Commandants Coins

Commandants Coins for Excellence Presented at Summer Camp

Presentation of Commandants Coins

21 August 2022

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

Five adult instructors have been awarded a Commandants Coin for Excellence in recognition of their considerable efforts relating to the recent summer camp.

Commandant Col Martin L Craven made the presentations on the last day of camp in Sennybridge.

Capt. Davey Jones - For the excellent preparation work and subsequent management of the transport, ensuring that all requirements were met and also dealing with issues promptly and effectively when let down by external suppliers.

Capt. Vic Hughes - For the preparation work carried out, where he liaised and organised support from various external units and for the unlimited support he has provided to Adult Instructors every day throughout, which was appreciated at all levels.

2Lt Mike Evans - Despite being a junior officer, 2Lt Evans on hearing that the Company Commander was unable to attend came forward and commanded B Company throughout. He approached the task with an extremely professional and confident manner.

SMI Louise Baker-Morris - For the excellent preparation work and subsequent delivery of the first aid provision as part of the medical support at summer camp.

SSI Tony Hall - For taking on the role of CSM throughout and supporting the newly appointed company commander. His friendly yet professional approach certainly contributed to a successful camp.

Col Martin said, “their professional approach and commitment certainly contributed to a successful summer camp and I was delighted to award a Commandants Coin in recognition of their considerable efforts."

  • Capt Jones
  • Capt Vic Hughes
  • 2 Lt Evans
  • SMI Baker Morris
  • SSI Hall
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