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Poppy Selling at Cheddar. 31st October 2021.

You’re Never Too Young To Get Involved!

Poppy Selling at Cheddar. 31st October 2021.

31 October 2021

  • Somerset ACF

Words & pictures by WO2 (SMI) Peter Russell/County PR Officer

If you thought that it took time to become involved with activities after you joined Army Cadets then think again! If you think that the lack of current issue uniforms was going to put a damper on recruits’ enthusiasm then think again!

Aiming to raise the bar even higher than last year, when the platoon raised over £2400 for The Royal British Legion by supporting the Poppy Appeal for Remembrance Day, SSI Tony Harvey, along with a new CFAV from Cheddar Platoon, took four brand new recruits - Cadets Henry Raisey, Chey Carey, Eljay Slocum and Kori Bond - to Hilliers Garden Centre for a mammoth poppy campaign that will continue right up until Remembrance Sunday, where they were helped and encouraged by Stu and Andy from Hilliers.

This year the Platoon raised an astonishing £3501.47 - well done!

With a table sagging under the weight of a mind-boggling array of RBL poppies and ‘gizzits’ Cheddar Platoon, Gibraltar Company, managed to successfully intercept almost everyone leaving the garden centre. In fact so successful have they been that regular re-supply runs are having to be organised to replace their rapidly depleting stocks!

And during the week, while the cadets are at school, SSI Harvey can still be found there doing his bit to support veterans. What more can anyone ask?