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Poppy Appeal at Wells. 13th November 2021.

Poppies for Haribos - a fair swap!

Poppy Appeal at Wells. 13th November 2021.

14 November 2021

  • Somerset ACF

Words & pictures by WO2 (SMI) Peter Russell/County PR Officer

Collecting for The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal is an important time for Army Cadets, although it was made harder this year as the official Remembrance Day - 11th November - precedes the major events happening around the country making it that little bit tougher to interest the public, who in many cases assume that their annual contribution is no longer needed.

Not withstanding that PI Amy Heath, along with Army Cadets LCpl Jacob Hole, Cdt Blake Duffy, Cdt Lana Johnston, Cdt Dennis Pearson, Cdt Nathan Smith and Cdt Florence May (not shown in photos) from Wells Platoon, Normandy Company, set up in the foyer of Morrisons in Wells on Saturday morning determined to make their mark.

Because of the huge demand this year many of the items, such as the really popular pin badges and the overwhelmingly popular knitted poppies, had already disappeared meaning cadets had to work even harder to successfully catch the attention of everyone entering and leaving the store. Many generous shoppers, already wearing their poppies, still dropped large denomination coins and notes into the collecting boxes without taking any further poppies, meaning that the cadets will certainly have done better than a cursory examination of the still bulging collecting trays and the close of the session would indicate!

Thanks must also be made to Morrisons who donated two large Christmas-sized tins of confectionery recognising the devotion of the cadets to a good cause.

With Saturday morning spent collecting it was then time for the cadets to prepare for the parade on Sunday.

Well done to all concerned.