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Paying it forward

Making David's Day

Paying it forward

20 November 2022

  • Royal County Of Berkshire ACF

On the 17th November the Cadet Executive Officer of the Royal County of Berkshire Army Cadet Force visited a veteran at the Queens University Hospital Birmingham:

Major Eamonn Coogan is married to Gail and Gail works on the burns unit at the Queen’s University Hospital Birmingham during her duties Gail befriended a Retired Warrant Officer from the Royal Logistics Corps David McGee.

David had been in a significant house fire and lost all his military memorabilia and was extremely sad over the Festival of Remembrance saying he had nothing to show for the time that he had served Queen and Country.

On hearing this Eamonn and his team of Professional Support Staff but together some RLC memorabilia and Eamonn travelled to Birmingham and presented them to David on Thursday 17th November I think you would all agreed the smile and David’s face says it all.

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