Our New Regimental Sergeant Major - Pete Hockey

Our New Regimental Sergeant Major - Pete Hockey

8 April 2021

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Pete Hockey has been appointed Regimental Sergeant Major Instructor, our most senior Non-Commissioned Officer, and will begin his new role on 1st May. The RSMI provides a vital link between other non-commissioned personnel and senior officers, and forms an important component of our organisation's senior management and decision making. Additionally, his job is to ensure the Commandant’s Directive is fulfilled, and that our members are adhering to the ACF’s Values and Standards.

Pete joined Ely Detachment in 1993 as a 13 year old cadet. At the age of 15 he was four star complete and held the rank of Cadet Colour Sergeant. Aged 18, Pete became an adult instructor, parading at Oakington, Bottisham and Chatteris Detachments before becoming Detachment Commander at Ely and then Waterbeach.

The Lord Lt Certificate awarded to Pete. (pictures; Pete Hockey and Cambs ACF Library)

In his civilian career, Pete studied Leisure Management and worked at a local sports centre. He then began his teaching career as a Lecturer in Sports and Uniformed Services at Cambridge Regional College, completing his teacher training at Cambridge University. Later he took on the position of Course Leader and then progressed to Team leader. Pete is currently Head of Sport and Uniformed Services, managing the department which offers qualifications ranging from Level 1 to Level 5, Adult courses, managing 40 members of staff and 550 students. Additionally, he directed a training company for six years. His dedication to sport has seen him coach his local youth football team and provide coaching at his local squash club. He also played squash in the National College Squash Championships hosted by Loughborough University after winning the regionals at the age of 17 and represented the Eastern Region for CRC.

As a Cadet Instructor, he took on a major new challenge in 2008, effectively merging his cadet career with his day job by establishing the CRC Detachment- a completely new, closed detachment (available only to CRC students) and in command of 200+ cadets. He also travelled around the country, offering additional qualifications to cadets in Sports Leadership and Stewarding. Some of his students went on to work at the 2012 Olympic Games. In 2017 his devotion to duty earned him a Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate.

In the last few years, he has run Level 3 Teacher Training courses for Cambridgeshire Instructors and helped several Instructors become professional teachers. He has served as County Sports Officer, 3 Company Sergeant Major and most recently County Training Sergeant Major.

He said: “My priority now is to help cadets and adults transition back to face to face training. I want to make a positive impact and most importantly, create a culture of excellence right across the county”

Text by PI Doug Stuart with thanks to SMI Pete Hockey