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Our Cadet RSM at National Conference

The Cadet RSM (originally from 7Coy) attended a national conference with Col Riley and Brig Williams last week, here she shares her experience.

Our Cadet RSM at National Conference

14 March 2021

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF
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    Cadet RSM C Bambury

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    National Conference

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'I felt so privileged to have attended the zoom meeting and get the chance to speak and exchange ideas with not only senior adults but also like-minded cadets.

It’s brilliant to know that not only are the voices of cadets being heard and asked after but that our ideas are being implemented and used to further make the ACF a more inclusive and welcoming organisation.

What was particularly nice to see was the resilience of the ACF and how successfully we have managed to adapt in such trying times.

I look forward to the next few months as I have no doubt that there will be opportunities for national networking and further collaborations with other Sectors/Battalions.'

Cdt RSM C. Bambury