Our Brilliant Non-Uniformed Volunteers

Part 2

Our Brilliant Non-Uniformed Volunteers

12 May 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

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Our Non-Uniformed Volunteers (NUVs) perform vital work such as fundraising, accounting, store-keeping and supervising. This work often makes all the difference in allowing Detachments to run. Its easy to become an NUV, and Cambridgeshire ACF is appealing for more of them to help in performing this vital work.

Trevor Longmuir is an NUV at Wisbech Detachment, having recently moved over from being a uniformed instructor. Trevor’s extraordinary 52 years as a cadet and adult instructor makes him one of our most experienced members of staff. He served as a Detachment Commander for many years and became a signals specialist, ultimately becoming Brigade Signals Co-ordinator, with the rank of Major. At Detachment he helps with accounts and continues to help with signals training.

IMG 14732

Trevor visiting Marshland School.

He is continuing to enjoy his service to the ACF, noting that although he has loved his time as a uniformed instructor, 'it is nice to have ‘some of the weight lifted of my shoulders, not to have quite as many responsibilities as I used to.’ Never-the-less, Trevor continues to make himself very useful, his recent work has included supporting school recruitment assemblies, resulting in a remarkable 15 new cadets for Wisbech.

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The new cadets Trevor helped recruit.

Catherine Wallace is an NUV at Cambridge Detachment, where both her daughters are cadets. She said: ‘During lockdown, I was supervising the girls with cadets, and it gave me more of an insight into cadet training. I had a random conversation with an adult volunteer and explained it was a shame that there wasn't an admin role as due to my disabilities, I am restricted physically, he then told me about the non-uniformed role. I wanted to give back to cadets after the amazing work they have done with my girls, the confidence and skills it has given them is great. I looked into this more online, and then completed the application. I completed a short period of training and safeguarding before being interviewed by telephone and offered a place at a detachment. I am really enjoying being involved and learning new things all the time.’

6 D2 A4378

Catherine Wallace

Liz O’Connor is an NUV at Whittlesey and Fletton. She joined the ACF three years ago when (then) Major Deacon put out a call for NUVs to support her 1 Coy Detachments. Liz’s son, Cdt Sgt Major O’Connor was already at Fletton, and she ‘wanted to see what the kids get up to.’

The ACF has taught her a lot, especially valuing her first aid training and getting experience of public speaking. She says; ‘My role helps free up the uniformed staff and helps the cadets make progress.’


Liz (middle), obstacle course, Annual Camp 21

Her roles are varied- she deals with uniform orders and distribution, takes payments from cadets and deals with banking. At Christmas Camp and Annual Camp 2021 she helped with escorting groups from one activity to another, and helped with supervision on the obstacle course. She said: ‘I really like seeing everything they do, and its nice to see how they put their training into practice.’ Most importantly, she says ‘I get on really well with the other staff, and we have a laugh!’

If you are interested in becoming an NUV, please contact our Adult Admin Officer Captain Liz Hyslop Email: [email protected] Tel: 01223 622831

Text by SI Doug Stuart

Pictures by SI Stuart and SSI Gagen