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SUFFPOK ACF - Regional Competition Cadet Bisley at Beckingham Ranges


29 September 2021

  • Suffolk ACF

Over the above weekend six Cadets representing Suffolk Army Cadet Force took part in the above competition held at Beckingham Ranges.

The aim of the weekend was for Eastern Region Cadet Forces to compete in the Regional Cadet Bisley at Beckingham Ranges from 18-Sep-21 until 19-Sep-21 in order to compete in the Regional Cadet 100 Target Rifle Competition.


The following Cadets from Suffolk Army Cadet Force took part:

Cdt Bdr Reeve D. Felixstowe Troop

Cdt L/Bdr Wymer T. Lowestoft Troop

Cdt Sgt Bullard A. Lowestoft Troop

Cdt L/Cpl Bullard C. Pakefield Troop

Cdt Lock G. Pakefield Troop

​​​​​On the morning of Saturday 18th September the Cadets listed underwent an extensive period of training covering the .762 Target Rifle, culminating in the mandatory WHT, the Cadets then zeroed at 100 metres prior to moving up to 200 metres to take part in the individual and team competition this was duplicated at the 300 and 400 meter targets. On the morning of Sunday19th the Cadets moved to the 500 metre firing point, finally culminating at the 600 metre firing point.

This weekend could not have happened without the adults who supported both myself and the cadets taking part: SMI Utting, SSIs Utting and Mcalpine Thankyou.

I we also thank SMI Chris Wilson for all his help to ensure that the weekend happened.

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