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Of Flood and and Fire

Grimsby and Waltham Detatchments' Community engagement - by Lt L Field

Of Flood and and Fire

27 March 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Over the winter months Grimsby and Waltham Detachments from E Company have been working hard progressing through the Community Engagement syllabus from Basic to Four Star.

They've recently been putting some of their learning into practice and had some fantastic community engagement visits and activities, arranged by Staff Cadet CSM Taylor, who independently identified the need and has been applying her community engagement learning to safely plan and lead on volunteering and events with support from her detachment staff.

Being in a coastal region flooding and safety on the water were a real theme for Grimsby and Waltham community engagement. Cadets have learnt about local plans, what to do in the event of flooding and other emergencies, how they can be prepared and help other people in emergencies, and what safety considerations they may need to think about when planning and attending volunteering activities.

The RNLI visited Grimsby detachment and shared with the cadets some insights into the amazing work done by this volunteer organisation, and taught cadets about safety on the water and their campaign 'Float to Live'

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Almost 50 cadets and CFAV were welcomed by Humberside Fire and Rescue over two nights to their Peaks Lane Station, where they learnt about the vital role played by this emergency service in the local community and wider area. Cadets were treated to some demonstration and learning about some of the fire service safe systems of training, such as how to check and clear a burning building, what equipment the fire service use and how, what kind of emergencies they are involved in and how their control room works . The cadets got hands on with some thermal imaging equipment and even got to try out some of their learning by rescuing training dummies. The cadets had a great time and everyone was really engaged with the visits.

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