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Northumbria Staff Cadets Lead The Way


Northumbria Staff Cadets Lead The Way

17 February 2021

  • Northumbria ACF

The Staff Cadet programme is new to the Army Cadet Force, as previously cadets have had to “retire” when they became 18 years old. This new programme has been launched at Northumbria and we congratulate the first 15+ Staff Cadets who have applied and been successful.

The aim of the ACF Staff Cadet programme is to provide an alternative route for selected senior cadets to continue their involvement within the ACF. This will include those transitioning from being a cadet to become a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) who wish to retain the ability to do cadet activities until their 20th birthday.

The programme will likely appeal to those senior cadets who wish to complete Army Proficiency Certificate at 4-Star or Master Cadet level, where this has not already been achieved, or who wish to continue to support training and events using their skills and experience.

There is no automatic transfer to the ACF Staff Cadet programme and cadets must meet the eligibility criteria to apply. An application to become a Staff Cadet can be submitted once the cadet has reached their 17th birthday and successful applications must be supported and approved by the Commandant. A cadet does not have to apply first to become a Staff Cadet at 18 years before becoming a CFAV and may choose to directly apply to be a CFAV should they so wish.

This is an exciting new opportunity for our senior cadets. Due to local restrictions face to face training remains on hold at the moment, but virtual training continues.

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