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Normandy Company visit Tank Museum

Last weekend whilst on their Company Weekend, Normandy Company made a trip to The Tank Museum at Bovington

Normandy Company visit Tank Museum

1 December 2022

  • Hampshire And Isle Of Wight ACF
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Cadets meeting the locals!

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Cadets and CFAV at the WW1 Exhibit.

Whilst at the Tank Museum the Cadets and CFAV had the opportunity to visit both the WW1 and WW2 sections exhibiting the most famous tanks from both conflicts.

After lunch they got to see further exhibits including more modern machinery like the British Army’s current Main Battle Tank, Challenger 2.

The cadets also visited the “Afghanistan Helmand” Battle Group exhibit that simulated a Forward Operating Base in Helmand Province in the recently concluded War in Afghanistan. Whilst touring the FOB they were given a brief by Captain Chris Hargrave the Company’s 2 IC and a veteran of the conflict about the artefacts and exhibits found in the FOB.

All in all it was a great way to end a weekend training camp and was concluded with a company photo outside the museum!

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Normandy Company at the Tank Museum