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Normandy Company Training Weekend, Yoxter. 23rd October…

Successful weekend with Signals, Skill At Arms, Drill and basic Fieldcraft subjects being covered

Normandy Company Training Weekend, Yoxter. 23rd October 2021.

25 October 2021

  • Somerset ACF

Words by WO2 (SMI) Peter Russell/County PR Officer

Pictures by WO2 (SMI) Peter Russell and PI Amy Heath

Normandy Company ran a successful training package at Yoxter Cadet Training Centre over the weekend, majoring on Skill At Arms with the BSA Scorpion Cadet .177in Air Rifle and the L98A2 Cadet GP rifle 5.56mm, Signals and Communications on the Personal Role Radio (PRR), basic Fieldcraft subjects such as personal camouflage and Drill & Turnout.

Capt Stuart Cumine, Acting OC N Coy in the absence of Maj Jason Kitching, who returned from Estonia to catch some of the action prior to his appointment as Battalion Training Major at the beginning of December, organised an interesting and challenging package for the first residential weekend since the outbreak of COVID-19.

The Company were honoured to have a visit from Brig Richard Toomey CBE, Somerset Army Cadets’ Honorary Colonel, who spend the afternoon chatting to as many cadets as he could find, before presenting WO1 (TSM) Nigel Levett with the 2nd Clasp to his Cadet Forces Medal (for a total of 24 years service; full story can be found here) and promoting Cadet Sjt Honor Bensley to Company Serjeant Major and presenting her with her cane (full story here).

As the county web site still does not have an image archive, a selection of photographs appear below.

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