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No Comms, No Bombs

Today we reflect on the highly successful Signals Roadshow that has been a key activity in this years Annual Camp.

No Comms, No Bombs

4 August 2021

  • Essex ACF

4 Signals Roadshows have been completed over the course of camp, with great success and we have had over 60 cadets qualify at Basic CIS Level so far.

The Assistant County Signals Officer, SSI Gorin has been to Blanford for a visit over the annual camp period to complete her ISI Course. A Company's Staff Officer 2Lt Julia Hodgson has also qualified at BSI Level.

These achievements show the dedication of the Essex Signals wing over the camp period. It's not just been about passing tests though, as county Signals officer Captain White went on to explain.

Cadets have had the opportunity over camp to look at and learn about a number of radio systems including:

PRC 710, PRC 715, PRC 720 and PRC 343 (Personal Role Radio), they have also been treated to a Bowman demonstration by 36th Signal Squadron. In addition to this, cadets have had the opportunity to learn the practical skill of line laying and take part in HF exercises. On one of the exercises, the cadets connected up with retired ACF instructor Captain John Mulye who was at his home in East London when the cadets from A Company managed to link up with him from Warley.

All the cadets who have been involved in the signals roadshows have had a great time. The training team have worked hard to provide Covid secure training across a number of sites within bubbles. As always they have proved the vital need for battlefield communications and how important signals skills are in the modern Armed Forces.