No 2 Kohima Company 2

No 2 (Kohima) Company – Final Parade

No 2 (Kohima) Company – Final Parade

24 November 2022

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County Media Officer Greater Manchester ACF

After a great weekend it was time for Final Parade to announce the Detachment winners of each activity and the overall Champion Detachment of the Company.

The scores were collated by Lt Jordan Battye, Company Training Officer and the announcement was made by the Company Commander, Major Martin Davis.

But, before the announcement the staff came out onto the Parade Square to give a Drill Presentation to the cadets. The Drill was taken by Cadet RSM Amelia Sculthorpe. A great display by the staff, I don’t recall any of them out of step so after years of practice we can safely say they will pass Drill.

Now for the announcements.

Activity winners as follows:

Archery - Royton Detachment

Command Task - Failsworth Detachment

Drill - Failsworth Detachment

Fieldcraft - Failsworth Detachment

First aid - Royton Detachment

Navigation - Collyhurst Detachment

Shooting – Belle vue Detachment

Tug of War – Collyhurst Detachment

The Champion Detachment winner – Failsworth Detachment

Well done everyone!

Next was two Special Awards for indivdual cadets:

The Kingsman Sean Dawson Award for Service & Captain Kirsty Topham Endeavour Award.

The Kingsman Sean Dawson Award for Service. This award is for a cadet who has shown true commitment to the ACF and is a real "Force for Good".

This award was presented to Cadet Corporal Adeoye as Best Cadet.

Corporal Adeoye, since the beginning of the covid lockdown has strived to better himself. He attended a STEM course through lockdown which he attended on his own initiative. Since then, Cadet Cpl Adeoye has thrived, becoming a successful member of the County Shooting Team. He has so far represented the County at Regional Level in Sport. He is also now looking to attend a Cyber Defence and Signals Course. He assists other cadets when asked or by using his own initiative. He is truly selfless and is an example of the ACF moto of Aspiring to Achieve.

The Captain Kirsty Topham Endeavour Award. This award is for a cadet who shows extreme amounts of resilience and is always trying to better themself.

The award was to Cadet LCpl Johnston.

Cadet LCpl Johnston continues to surprise staff that meet him with all he achieves. He is a pleasure to teach and despite him having severe cognitive learning difficulties he always throws himself into all activities in cadets and always surpasses what is expected of him. LCpl Johnstone always goes above and beyond and shows his commitment to succeed by asking for training materials to take home to revise and overcome his barrier which is the ability to retain information. LCpl Johnston is truly deserving of this award.

A huge well done to both cadets.

Promotions were next.

The following Cadets were promoted from Cadet to Lance Corporal:

LCpl K Johnson, LCpl Ford, McGloughlin, LCpl Caladine and LCpl L Johnson.

The following Cadets were promoted from Lance Corporal to Corporal:

Cpl Bailey, Cpl Murray, Cpl McConville, Cpl Izadyar.

Congratulations everyone!

For more pictures of the weekend please click the link here

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No 2 Kohima Company 2