News from around the County

#WeAreBack and there's lots going on

News from around the County

14 May 2021

  • Dorset ACF

This week has seen Cadets and Adult Instructors from across Dorset ACF return to Face to Face training and hit the ground running.

There has been a plethora of different training, promotions, presentations, and Adult Training taking place - here is a snapshot of what Dorset ACF has been up to.

At Wallisdown Detachment it was a double presentation for Cdt Sgt Franks as he received not only his 4* APC Pass but also a promotion to Cadet C/Sjt from East (El Alamein) Company OC Major Brooks.

Detachment Commander SSI Franks said; "Major Brooks attended and surprised us all as he wished to address the Detachment during first parade prior to training commencing, without warning he summoned Cdt Sjt Franks to the front of the parade and gave a short inspirational speech on hard work and dedication followed by promoting Cdt Sjt Franks to Cdt Clr Sjt Franks." He added; " As the Detachment Commander, alongside all the other staff we were totally unaware of this happening, yet we are all very proud to have a cadet promoted to this level as I personally have only ever seen one other cadet from this detachment promoted to this rank"

In North (Normandy) Company, CSMI Rob Morris was on hand to promote another Cadet, this time from Cadet to Lance Corporal.

Cdt E Bowring of Gillingham Detachment was presented her rank slide whilst parading at Shaftesbury. CSMI Morris said; "As ever, it's a privilege to promote a Cadet and LCpl Bowring is no exception. Her hard work and dedication has been clear to see and this is very well deserved."

Over in Christchurch, the Detachment has been split into Training Bubbles to stay COVID Compliant, this hasn't stopped the NCO's from building on their existing skills and knowledge whilst passing on their experience to the younger Cadets.

Detachment Commander SSI Elsson said; "I've been very impressed by the attitude of the Cadets on their recent return to Face to Face Training, especially my NCO's who have really led from the front. Cpl's Silver and Thompson have really gone above and beyond with their instruction, the enthusiasm shown has been fantastic. They even worked through the NAFFI break, at the request of the Cadets, to pass on their Rifle Drill knowledge."

At Bovington, it was a similar story where the staff and Cadets have thrown themselves into the training, last night it was a chance to get outside and do a bit of Fieldcraft.

The Cadets took time to learn about cooking in the field and sample some rations, there was also training on Basha Building, all in preparation for our upcoming Summer Camp where these skills will really come to the fore.

Returning to Training has also meant that our Cadets can also get the recognition they deserve for their achievements.

At Parkstone Detachment it was the turn of Cdt Schonrock, who, having passed her Basic APC just prior to lockdown, was finally able to receive her Certificate.

Detachment Commander, SSI Wheeler-Clayton spoke highly of Cdt Schonrock saying; "Having passed her Basic APC Syllabus, Cdt Schonrock has continued to work through the one-star syllabus both on Zoom and now face to face back at the Detachment with a keen interest to start the new Signals syllabus. Well done Cdt Schonrock, keep up the great work!"

And finally... This weekend will see five of our PI's (Potential Instructors) head off to complete their initial training.

After months of training often delivered virtually, five of Dorset's new Instructors will be attending the Advanced Induction Course (AIC), and, once successfully completed will be eligible for promotion to SI (Sergeant Instructor). The AIC is the cumulation of all the initial training a new Adult Instructor has to complete but we are sure that there will be positive outcomes all around.

Good luck to those attending.