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New Year and New Challenge for Cadet Instructor

New Year and New Challenge for Cadet Instructor

22 January 2021

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

Recently Sgt Emma Page has been appointed the Detachment Commander for Porthmadog Detachment. Emma was asked to reflect on her ACF journey so far as we all look forward to an easing of restrictions and a return to face to face training.

Emma reports early 2019 I attended my very first-weekend training course, I was the only female among six men and I remember sitting there thinking to myself "what am I doing”. I’m sat with complete strangers that have got ex-military knowledge or an ex-cadet with experience, and I’m here in my late 30's a parent to five children and not knowing anything about the ACF. Little did I realize what a strong bond and friendship I was going to have during my training with them, even now with some of them no longer being with the ACF due to work commitments we still have a catch-up.

I've got to admit it's had its ups and downs but mostly ups there was a time I wanted to give up due to finding some of the training hard to get my head around and also doing something out of my comfort zone, so I completely understand with some of the cadets when they struggle at times but with the support, I had not just from my husband, family, the group I was with but also the training staff that soon became friends were amazing, with their support I was able to complete my training.

I’ve had people ask me why the ACF and it’s because my son was a cadet in Pwllheli after weekends away he would come back happy, confident, and excited about what he achieved and the new friends he made.

On parade nights the DC at the time informed me the ACF was always looking for volunteers, a few years later my son left cadets, my children had started growing up so I decided I wanted a challenge, do something I’ve never done before but also wanted to make a difference in the community and that’s when I was pointed in the direction of the ACF.

I have learned so much and with being based in my home town Pwllheli it was easy for me to juggle work and family commitments to attend the detachment, when Chris Howarth took over as DC he became my mentor which gave me the knowledge of how a detachment runs.

I am proud to be part of an organization and be able to support our cadets, even relate to them at times if they struggle at their first camp, etc, but it's not just that it's being part of the experience with them after tiring weekends away, seeing the smiles they have because they have managed to achieve something regardless of how little it might be and knowing I had a small part helping them achieve that counts for everything.

My journey has been amazing so far but the one thing I am looking forward to in my new role as a DC is to inspire and lead cadets to achieve things they never thought possible, with the support of myself and fellow ACF instructors anybody can achieve anything when they put their minds to it, even new adult instructors like myself who comes on this journey with no knowledge or experience.

We wish Emma every success with her new role.

Like Emma do you want to do something different or improve your leadership skills? As an adult volunteer in the Army Cadet Force, you will have the opportunity to learn about, take part in and organise an enormous range of activities. Adult Volunteers are the youth leaders who plan and deliver the training. Some may have a military background, some are former cadets, and many have no former association with the military at all, they simply have a desire to help young people to do something positive.

If you fancy being part of something special then visit: https://armycadets.com/volunte...

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