Beaconsfield Image 03 Jun 2021

New detachment in Beaconsfield

Our new detachment is nearly finished!

New detachment in Beaconsfield

17 June 2021

  • Buckinghamshire ACF
The new entrance

Work has been progressing well on our new detachment in Beaconsfield. This unit will replace our existing hut and should be ready to take cadets from September.

Our new purpose built cadet centre will be sharing with the RAF Air Cadets and will be located within the Wilton Park development

Interested in joining? Don't wait until September - spaces are available at our current unit - just apply online today!

  • Beaconsfield Image 01 Jun 2021

    Inside Beaconsfield Unit

  • Beaconsfield Image 04 Jun 2021

    Outside Areas

  • Beaconsfield Image 05 Jun 2021

    A view from outside

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