Cadet RSM Logan Walter

New Cadet RSM for Greater Manchester ACF

New Cadet RSM for Greater Manchester ACF

2 March 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By RSMI Douglas Craddock, County Regimental Sergeant Major

A new Cadet RSM has been appointed by Greater Manchester ACF. The successful candidate for the position, Cadet Sergeant Logan Walter, sat an interview with the County Commandant Colonel Harrison and myself, RSMI Craddock.

After a brief introduction by the Commandant explaining the process of the interview Cadet Sgt Walter was asked to give a brief overview of himself, concerning his time in the cadets and his achievements.

Once Cadet Sgt Walter had finished giving his overview, he was then asked various questions by the Commandant and I about what he believed the role of a Cadet RSM would entail and to what qualities a good leader should have.

During his interview he shown that he had a good understanding of the values and standards of the Army Cadet Force, the importance that the role the cadet RSM would play in giving the cadets a voice and how as a County we would move forward with this.

Cadet Sgt Walter has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from his time in the ACF. He is a 4-star holding Master Cadet. He has earned Silver in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. He has attended the ACF/CCF Senior Cadet Conference on behalf of Greater Manchester ACF. Awarded the Praiseworthy First Aid Certificate and awarded the British Citizen Youth Award.

After a very good interview, in which he demonstrated he was a determined young man who knew exactly where he was going and how he was going to achieve this, Cadet Sgt Logan Walter was brought back to a second interview where he was given feedback and was appointed as Cadet RSM.

Cadet RSM Logan Walter will be an asset to Greater Manchester ACF. Well done.

Col Catherine Harrison, Commandant, said: “I am excited by this appointment, both because it will raise the aspirations of other cadets and also because Cadet RSM Walter will be able to progress the particular task that I want the Cadet RSM to do around increasing the Cadet Voice. He will be guided by RSMI Craddock in this. Very well done Cadet RSM Logan Walter”

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