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New Cadet RSM Appointed

Cdt RSM Taylor from Tidworth Detachment, Gold Company

New Cadet RSM Appointed

26 April 2023

  • Wiltshire ACF
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Wiltshire Army Cadet Force has appointed the new Cadet RSM.

Cdt RSM Taylor from Tidwoth Detachment of Gold Company was appointed and presented his new rank slide, and Cane from Col Britt Haggerty and RSMI Rich Hearn at Tidworth Detachment on 24th April 2023

His Detachment Commander SMI Andy McLeod had this to say about the new RSM.

"Kieran Taylor has been at Tidworth since he joined the ACF, he also attends CCF. Right from the start Cdt Taylor stood out from his peers as one to watch. He exudes all the qualities required to be a County Senior Cadet and sets a first-class example for others to follow. He has recently completed his 4 Star Army Cadet Syllabus (ACS) in the subjects of fieldcraft, SAA, shooting, and Drill & Turnout, before going on to complete the Master Cadet course. He now reaches the pinnacle of a cadets career and goes on to serve the County as RSM".

Congratulations from all at Wiltshire ACF and we wish you good luck in your new Role.

  • Cdt RSM Taylor

    Cdt RSM Taylor

  • Cdt RSM Taylor britt

    Col Haggerty presenting his rank slide

  • Cdt RSM Taylor2

    RSM Hearn presenting the RSM Cane

  • Cdt RSM Taylor 6

    Cdt RSM Taylor addressing Tidworth Detachment

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