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We are thrilled to introduce our newly appointed Regimental Sergeant Major Instructor (RSMI) Shannon Phillips


22 August 2023

  • Staffordshire & West Midlands (North Sector)

It is with great pride that the County welcomes our first female Regimental Sergeant Major, her impressive 8 years service and progression through various roles make her an outstanding individual to take on this role. Throughout her career she has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence and the pursuit of professional growth. She has held various roles during this time including Detachment Commander, County Training Sergeant Major and Assistant County Training Officer for adult training.

We cannot overlook her accomplishments to date which have earned her the recognition and respect off her colleagues, her unwavering dedication to duty, exceptional leadership skills and ability to inspire others make her an invaluable asset to our County. She consistently sets high standards for herself and others, fostering an environment of discipline and unwavering professionalism.

Beyond her achievements within the Army Cadet Force she is a well rounded person with a passion for various hobbies and interests, actively engaging in Netball showing her athleticism and team spirit whilst also showing her passion for adventure training demonstrating her ability to adapt to challenging circumstances and embrace new experiences.

RSMI Phillips brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and a fresh perspective to the County and would like all of you to welcome her into her new role. Congratulations.